In Skincare Wellness Program we start with a full skin analysis to better understand your skin history and identify your top 3 skin concerns and goals. From there, we complete a full skincare audit on your current skincare routine, so you can better understand where you started and where you are going with your routine and products. We then create an action plan around your new skincare system, while you enjoy your weekly learning modules, video and audio content.


What's the Process?

  • Week 1

    Skincare Fundamentals: - How to determine your skin type. ​- How to clean your skin, and what to look for in a cleanser. ​- How to moisturize, and what to look for in a moisturizer. ​- How to exfoliate and how often. ​- Sunscreen 101 and recommendations.

  • Week 2

    Skin Mindset: - Skin Reframe Method ​- Reset Internal Talk ​- The Why of the Buy & Overspending ​- Limitless Skin Alignment Tools ​- Confidence Rituals

  • Week 3

    Skin Health: - Acne 101/ Blackheads - ​Skin Barrier 101 ​- How to heal Sensitized skin - ​Rosacea/Redness ​- Melasma and Hyperpigmentation - Registered Holistic Nutritionist – How to heal skin inflammation

  • Week 4

    Skincare Ingredients: - Product Label Method – How to understand skin care labels - Acids 101 ​- Vitamin C 101 - Hyaluronic Acid 101 ​- Retinol/Retinoid 101 & how to implement.

  • Week 5

    Skincare Routine: ​- Product Layering ​- Product Mixing ​- Skincare Budget Breakdown ​- My “Current” Skincare Routine

  • Week 6

    Facial Treatments - Top Facial Treatments & Recommendations *Bonus - facial treatments 101 webinar with Top Board Certified Aestheic Nurse Specialist. - ​Top Skin Guide Resources – help you make product decision in the future ​- Skin Friendly Makeup Recommendations ​- Skin SOS Tips

  • Week 7

    Routine: - Continue to make time for YOU and loving your AM/PM skincare routine ​- Client sends all questions wanting to be covered in wk.8 final call ​- Client takes “after” photos

  • Week 8

    Skin Review: - Our final 1:1 call and celebrate your wins and GLOWING skin!! ​- Review your before/after photos ​- Answer any/all skin questions. ​- Receive complete next steps skincare plan, recommendations and links.


  • -Robin

    So happy I made the decision to take part in Jaime’s Skincare Wellness Program. Her knowledge and expertise guide you through the confusing world of the skincare industry and point you towards the key products that will make your skin glow. You will actually save time and money by eliminating the need to wade through endless product reviews online and stop buying expensive products that you don’t need. Jaime provides you with product recommendations, but she also empowers you to evaluate products in the future by providing tips about ingredients and what role they play for your skin. It was so fun to receive the personalized box of new products and a step-by-step skincare routine. I realized that I had been layering products completely wrong and not using some important products (SPF!). The one-on-one calls were a great way to connect, ask questions and get reassurance that taking care of your skin can be easy and enjoyable.

  • -Cristina Frias

    I just completed my SWP and it was a an amazing worthwhile investment on my skin care now and for the future. Jaime has created an easy to follow program that will set you on a path for success. I always thought that I was doing everything right for my skin, I started and a young age, washing my face, toning, and moisturizing etc. with "high end products", but truth be told I didn't fully understand the products. I fell into the trap of the more money you spend the better the products are for your skin. With Jaime's program I was able to learn about products, treatments, mindset, really what my skin honestly needed and so much more. She took the anxiety of not knowing and marketing traps to deliver a program that was best suited for ME. I felt instantly at easy with Jaime , her knowledge and passion for skin care is prodigious, then you add her dedication to her clients, incredible. She arms you with the knowledge and tools you need for your skins needs but also a mindset for other things in your life. Do yourself a favour and invest in in this program, you will not regret it. I look forward to being a part of the SWP Alumni so I may continue my learning. Thanks Jaime

  • -Jocelyn J

    I just finished SWP with Glow Jar beauty and I can't say enough good things about this program. Jaime has put together an amazing 8 week program with a ton of juicy content- which I can refer back to for life! She is there for you every step of the way and answers any questions you may have. She knows her stuff and she thoughtfully customizes a routine for each person based on their needs. I love the products she introduced me to! I am excited every day to do my skincare routine, which, yes, includes my stand alone sunscreen- 365 days a year! 🙂 Aside from a customized routine, Jaime was a daily reminder that we have to change our mindset. We have to talk to ourself positively day in and day out- "Always tell the story you want to create". She also gives you tips on navigating the Beauty Industry and the overwhelming list of "must haves". I have been so impressed with my results just in 4 weeks- it's crazy how noticeable it is (even my husband notices!) and my skin feels the best it's ever felt--it's glowing! Thank you so much for welcoming me into the program Jaime! This was such a great investment!


  • Are skincare products included in the program cost? If so, are they all Glow Jar Beauty products?

    Yes – in the 8-week program. Skincare Wellness Program was created out of a need to provide an unbiased approach to skincare. Women will learn about how their skin functions and what products are best suited to support it and thrive!!. When you truly understand your skin better, you will treat it better. You will learn to move away from external influences and towards the facts about how a product works for YOUR skin type and concern. Products included in the 8-week program: - Cleanser - Toner - Treatment Serum - Moisturizer - Sunscreen *All products will be from various brands and based on your skin type and concern.

  • When will I receive my products?

    We work hard to get your customized skincare routine to you ASAP. You will receive your products within an average of 3 weeks from the start of the program.

  • How soon should I expect to see changes in my skin?

    Some clients can see positive changes in their skin the first week after implementing their new routine and habits, depending on the active ingredients within the products. Active ingredients like retinol can take up to 6 months to see the full benefit/result. Skincare is as individual as you are, so we work 1:1 with our clients to create a customized, step by step skincare routine targeting your skin goals.

  • What is the time commitment for the 8-week program?

    We have an initial call in the first week, a final call in week 8, and approx 1 hour a week is required (self-guided) to review weekly program content. *NOTE you can save all 6 weeks' worth of juicy skin content to keep forever. In week 1, we provide a complete skincare audit, discuss your skincare goals and concerns, and talk about your skincare preferences. In week 8, we have our final call to discuss your skin and mindset transformation, make any recommendations or additional product suggestions, and CELEBRATE your glowing skin.

  • Still on the fence?

    Let’s chat it out to make sure we are 100% a good fit. DM me on Instagram @glowjar_